Dress shopping tips for our lovely pregnant brides to be...

Photography by Erika M. of "This Love of Yours" 

Photography by Erika M. of "This Love of Yours" 

A little birdie told us that you are expecting! Congratulations on taking in two wonderful members of your soon to be family, baby number one (aka. your hubby, babe, homeboy, etc.) and baby number two (aka. baby bump, baby on board, bun in the oven, etc.). We understand that it can be stressful planning a wedding and especially when you have to find a wedding gown for two. Do not fret, the BoLee team is here! Here are a few tips to help alleviate some stress that comes along with wedding dress shopping while pregnant.

1.  Let your bridal consultant know. Being prepared always ensures better results. Your bridal consultant would have a better understanding on how to assist you. We both know that your tummy will be growing over time and we have to consider what dresses will and will not work.

2.  Choosing a silhouette to conceal your bump. If you would like a dress that hides your tummy, an A-line or empire waist gown would do the trick. The shape emphasizes the top and creates less focus on the lower half.

3.  Choosing a silhouette to flaunt your bump. When choosing a dress that hugs and shows off your curves make sure you have plenty of room for a growing tummy. Pick gowns that have a lace-up back to allow flexibility and extra room.

4.  Always size up. You can never be too careful in going up a size. Every pregnant body is different, some tummy grow at a faster pace than others. So don’t be afraid to size up.

5.  Get the right shoes. Besides your tummy growing, feet can too during pregnancy. Walking too much can also swell up the feet. Make sure you pick something comfortable for the wedding day.

6.  Have fun! Do not worry too much. It is your wedding and weddings are supposed to be fun. Drink your apple cider and enjoy your day! At least you do not have to help ‘baby number one’ find a wedding gown.